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Ian Austin is asking his constituents to tell him what they think about the government’s plans to carry out air strikes in Syria.

The Dudley North has sent a detailed email with background material on the government’s plans and an in-depth survey to 5,000 people in his constituency – everyone for whom he has an email address. He has already received hundreds of responses, but is now asking other residents to get in touch with their views.

He’ll send his survey immediately to anyone who email's him at austini [AT] parliament [DOT] ukor who contacts his office on 01384 342503/4.


A suspended Conservative election candidate is likely to be removed from the party within days, a senior Conservative source has told the BBC.

Afzal Amin is accused of attempting a plot with the English Defence League in which they would announce a march in the Dudley North constituency and he would take credit when it was scrapped.

Mr Amin, who denies any wrongdoing, faces a party hearing on Tuesday.

He told BBC Radio 4's Today he would make a "robust defence" of his actions.

But the Conservative source said it would be hard to justify talks with the EDL.

It's Urology Awareness Week, creating awareness of urological conditions among the general public. #urologyweek

Urology Week is an initiative of the European Association of Urology, which brings together national urological societies, urology practitioners, urology nurses and patient groups to create awareness of urological conditions among the general public.

Every year during this week a variety of educational and media events take place all around Europe. In 2014 close to 30 events shaped Urology Week, engaging thousands, creating awareness about urology as a specialty, bringing understanding about the role of the urologist, and drawing attention to the fight against urological conditions like prostate cancer.

The growing media coverage Urology Week receives has helped the event grow in size and reach, to become a truly international occasion. The annual campaigns owe their success more than anything else to the enthusiastic participation and dedication of colleagues and supporters in Europe and around the world–from Algeria to Ukraine.

Dudley MP Ian Austin has joined a Parliamentary group focused on boosting town centres.

The All Party Parliamentary Group for Urban Development brings together MPs from all parties to push for policies that will help regenerate town centres across the country.

Austin will use the group to speak up for policies that will help regenerate Dudley town centre and bring new investment to the high street.