Speaking in the House of Commons on Thursday, Austin demanded that the Home Secretary stick to her promise that “life should mean life for anyone convicted of killing a police officer”.

Roberts is set to walk free 48 years after being convicted for the brutal murder of three unarmed police officers.  At the time he narrowly escaped the death sentence and was told by a judge that he should never be released.

Black History Month awareness - Did you know 1 in 4 Black men get prostate cancer?

Part of Black History Month awareness

Margot James, MP for Stourbridge, is backing The Big Deal and The Sun’s ‘collective switch’ campaign to save Stourbridge residents hundreds of pounds on their energy bills.

The Big Deal have carried out extensive research into the practices of price comparison websites, after the five biggest websites saw their profits quadruple over the last year. Their research found that all the major price comparison websites hid the cheapest deals from customers, often for weeks on end.

The manager of a cab firm in Rochdale has said that a small number of the company's customers are requesting white drivers, following the rise of the so-called Islamic State in the Middle East.

The company says the trend began in 2012, after a group of men, most of them of Pakistani origin, were given prison sentences for grooming vulnerable white girls from the town.

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