Local Veterans Campaigner Phyllis Coyle visits Parliament for Arctic Convoys Commemoration

Dudley MP Ian Austin has invited local veterans campaigner Phyllis Coyle to visit Parliament for a commemoration of the Arctic Convoys next week.

The commemoration – which takes place at 6:30pm on Monday 24 February - will feature of screening of the documentary “Hurricanes to Murmansk” about the first Arctic Convoy dispatched in August 1941 following the German invasion of Russia.  Churchill sent a complete RAF Wing of Hurricane aircraft to secure the strategic port of Murmansk, the vital supply route for war materials to Russia during WW2.

Calls for Law change to stop Local Pubs being "Tied Down by Big Pubcos"

With the Government consulting on new rules for Pubcos, Dudley MP Ian Austin has renewed his calls on the Government to ensure local pubs get a fair deal.

He has added his support for CAMRA’s calls for new regulations to include a “free of tie” option, so licensees can buy beer on the open market.

At present, pubs owned by Pubcos are contractually obliged to buy their beer only from the Pubco. Licensees can pay at least 50% more for beer than a free of tie publican which drives up the price of a pint for customers and the cost of a barrel for the licensees, threatening the viability of many local pubs.

No MP Salary Increase

Responsible department: Office of the Leader of the House of Commons

At a time when the country is in deep financial crisis, the ordinary working people of this country are still losing their jobs, have been, still are suffering wage freezes while living costs are spiralling, and the government cutting or capping benefit payments, is it right for MP’s to get ANY pay rise, let alone a 32% increase they have been reported as wanting.



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Police and second hand stores join forces to stop the sale of stolen goods

SECOND hand stores across the West Midlands have signed up to a new scheme that slams the door in the face of thieves trying to sell stolen goods.

Stores such as Cash Converters, Cash Generator, Cex and other independent second hand stores have voluntarily signed up to a new code of practise that sees them checking any identifiable item offered up for sale to them against a national database of lost and stolen goods.

CheckMEND is a is database that links with the national database Immobilise, insurance companies, credit agreements and police systems to log goods with an identifiable mark including phones, i-pads, bikes and laptops that are reported lost or stolen.

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